McCullough bio photo

Brian McCullough was certified in 1995 by the American Society for the Alexander Technique after undergoing a daily, three-year training.  He teaches Alexander Technique classes at the University of Minnesota School of Music, and also directs the Minnesota Center for the Alexander Technique which offers private lessons and teacher certification.
Brian especially enjoys helping musicians to achieve optimal skill and solve discomfort problems.  He also works in a similar way with a wide range of people in the performing arts, sport, craft, and everyday work situations. 
Brian enjoys performing music in churches and orchestras in the Minneapolis area.


An Introduction and Demonstration of the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique — a method of self-improvement — leads to optimal functioning, comfortable playing, and life-long skill development.  It helps to reduce or eliminate discomforts including repetitive strain and nervousness.  Topics will include: 1) learning the benefits of an optimal head-neck-back coordination; 2) watching an Alexander Technique lesson; and 3) discovering a better form of relaxation.  More info is at: