2019 Music @ 10,000 Lakes open forums will focus on specific performance concerns:

MONDAY’S FORUM – “You Must Remember This . . . Music, Memory and Piano”  with Dr. Daniel Rieppel, guest presenter.

TUESDAY’S FORUM – “An Introduction and Demonstration of the Alexander Technique” with Brian McCullough, guest presenter.


“You Must Remember This . . . Music, Memory and Piano,” Dr. Daniel Rieppel

Pianist Daniel Rieppel has performed widely in the U.S., Latin America and Europe. A recognized Schubert scholar, Dr. Rieppel has lectured and performed Schubert’s works in New York City, Vienna, and at Oxford University.  Dr. Rieppel has served as Professor of Music at Southwest Minnesota State University since 1998.  Dr. Rieppel lives in Minneapolis and recently celebrated his 20th anniversary as Music Director of the Southwest Minnesota Orchestra.

An Introduction and Demonstration of the Alexander Technique, ” Brian McCullough.

For musicians, the interplay of unconscious habits and the body mechanics of daily “use of the self” strongly affect tone production and technique.  The Alexander Technique provides tools to enhance fundamental coordination leading to improved performance, technical ease, and a reduction or elimination of chronic discomforts and nervousness.  More info is at:  www.MinnCAT.org

Brian McCullough teaches Alexander Technique classes at the University of Minnesota
School of Music, and also directs the Minnesota Center for the Alexander Technique
which offers private lessons and teacher certification.Brian especially enjoys helping
musicians to achieve optimal skill and solve discomfort problems.  He also works in a
similar way with a wide range of people in the performing arts, sport, craft, and
everyday work situations. 


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